The Benefits Of Choosing A Reliance DC Motor C2514ATZ

There are many different types of industrial DC motors on the market. Finding the right option in a motor to meet the specifications of the given system, machine, or equipment is critical. While industrial DC motors are very versatile, for maximum duty cycle and performance, ensuring the motor is correctly sized and selected for the application always provides the most.

Of the available Reliance electric motors, one of the most versatile models is the Reliance DC motor C2514ATZ. With various RPM and horsepower options, these motors are built for even the most rugged work environments.

Features to Consider

With any Reliance DC motor C2514ATZ, the frame is a critical consideration; the designation ensures that it has a drip-proof enclosure, so it can be used in environments where humidity or moisture is a concern. It also features a force vent enclosure for continuous venting and cooling of the system while the motor is in use.

These are relatively compact motors, and they offer the option for either a twenty-four or a twenty-five-inch mount. The shaft is five feet long with a two and three-eighths inch diameter and a shaft to the base measurement of six inches. Weighing in 775 pounds, this is a motor that is designed to last.

Buying Quality Used Motors

There are several options to consider in saving money on the purchase of a Reliance DC motor C2514ATZ One of the best choices is to buy the motor from a reputable company that specializes in refurbished motors. These motors are typically on inventory and ready to ship, and they can offer a very fast turnaround time on orders.

To make the downtime issue even less of an issue, look for a refurbished motor company with multiple locations to allow for the shortest shipping distance possible.

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