How an Injury Attorney Proves Fault in an Auto Accident Case

Liability is a primary concern after a car or motorcycle accident. Though another party’s negligence may seem obvious, documenting responsibility isn’t always simple for insurers. Here, you’ll learn how a personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL, will prove fault and build your case.

Police Reports

Although not every accident requires a police presence, if they do come to the scene, they’ll likely have to make an official report. If the police come to investigate, be sure to request a copy of the official report as it will help your lawyer prove your case to the other driver’s insurance company.

Amending a Report

If there’s an error in the report, it’s possible to fix it by showing the authorities the appropriate information. However, amending disputed facts, like liability determination, is trickier. Police often have complex procedures for disputing reports, and though it’s difficult to override their conclusions, it’s not impossible. Your personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL, can provide more details.

State Law

Florida’s vehicle code is a good place to find information supporting the other driver’s liability. Such laws are typically condensed into an easy-to-read format that’s provided by the local DMV. After you’ve found an applicable law, you are in a more favorable negotiating position with the other driver’s insurer.

No-Fault Liability

Certain accident types, such as rear-end collisions, are nearly always the other person’s fault. In such cases, insurers rarely dispute liability and they are more likely to offer an immediate settlement.

Consult an Attorney and Get Your Questions Answered

Though minor accidents are often easily resolved, they may cause serious injuries. If you are hurt in an auto accident, consult a personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL, to find out about your options. With an attorney’s help, you are more likely to receive the injury and property damage settlement you deserve.

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