Tips for Keeping Your Industrial York Chiller in Good Condition

Chillers are different from standard air conditioning and refrigeration systems. If your commercial or industrial cooling system relies on chilled water, you need to make sure everything stays in good condition from pumping systems to York chiller motors. Here are some tips to help you maintain your chiller.
What are Chillers?

Chillers use circulating cooled water to lower the temperature of liquids or gases. For example, a manufacturing plant may need a way to rapidly cool boiling or hot liquids. Placing them in a cooled atmosphere takes a long time to cool liquids down, but a chilled water system acts quickly. Chilled water systems are also used to air condition large facilities. Chillers utilize components like compressors, York chiller motors, and piping systems.

Weekly Checks

It is important to inspect all components and systems on a weekly basis. Instead of paying someone to perform manual inspections, consider a remote monitoring system. This kind of system keeps constant track of your chiller so you can take care of problems before they happen.


York chiller motors are very dependable but regular care makes them more efficient, and you have fewer maintenance issues. Make sure there are no hot spots or worn contacts on motors and motor starters. Pitted contacts can cause arcing and overheating.

Compressor Oil

Some companies routinely change compressor oil every year. However, this is not always necessary. Instead, consider a spectrometric analysis. This tells you if the oil needs changing. You can save a lot on maintenance this way.

Contamination Issues

Chillers can get moisture or air in their systems, and this decreases efficiency. It can also cause corrosion or rust to form. To help avoid these issues, consider purging the system three to four times per year. This can save you money on energy and lessen downtime problems.

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