5 Signs You’re Hiring a Bad Contractor

Horror stories about bad contractors are enough to make you wary. With a lot of time and money on the line, finding the right general contractor in Richmond Hill matters. To ensure a positive renovation experience, look out for warning signs. Here are some of the indications that the contractor is not the right fit for you.

Zero credentials

Does the firm have credentials or qualifications? If it doesn’t have a license or insurance to show you, move on to other renovation pros. Getting an uninsured contractor will leave you liable for medical fees in case an accident happens. Don’t do it.

Bad reviews

A bad review or two is not reflective of the firm. However, if there are no good reviews or if there are too many bad reviews, that’s a big flashing sign. Spare yourself the stress and look elsewhere.

Not enough experience

Hiring pros with years of field expertise gets you better results. They have the skills, team, and processes to deliver superior work. They also offer insightful tips and advice on incorporating the features you want into your living space. Contractors who haven’t been in the business long enough will only take your project for the experience.

Vague on the details

A seasoned contractor can walk you through the process without batting an eyelash. They know the work inside and out. If the contractor can’t answer your questions about the process confidently, s/he may lack the necessary skills for the job.

Low, low rates

A contractor who delivers quality work won’t charge rates lower than the industry standard. If the price is too good to be true, be on your guard. The firm may not have insurance, don’t have the right tools or aren’t up-to-date on remodeling processes. If they mess up your property, you’ll have to rehire qualified professionals to fix everything. Get it right the first time by finding quality professional services from the get-go.

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