Art Crating: A Necessary Part of Proper Shipping

When it comes to shipping art, the risk is always there. No matter how small or large the object, whether it is a painting, sculpture or piece of furniture, you need to take all the necessary measures to ensure its safe passage. While there may be variables you cannot control, there are some you can. One of these is art crating. In Los Angeles, you can consult one of several specialized companies to ensure that the type of packaging they are offering meets the standards and specifics of what you expect and require to make certain your art work can travel in complete safety.

Requirements of Art Crating

Crating is an art. It requires skilled professionals to make certain the crate is suitable for the job. While some may turn to custom crates, this is not essential as long as the crates and the aspects of the actual art crating conform to or follow specific rules. Art crating should be:

  • Durable: This ensures it is able to take any accidental rough treatment that may occur during such things as an accident without shattering

  • Protective: It must be able to act as a protective barrier against shocks and knocks

  • Shock Resistant: Not only must the crating be durable it must also be shock proof

  • Water-Proof: Crates must be water – including moisture, proof

  • Heat-Treated: If wood is used – and in some countries wood is not permitted in any form, it must be certified heat-treated wood.

  • Reusable: For those who want to use the same art crating to ship the piece back, the crate needs to be reusable. This also makes sense environmentally.

  • Maneuverability:The crate must be easy to move or maneuver from the start to the finish of the entire process

  • Appropriate in Size and Shape: The crates and the objects must be a perfect fit.

  • Ideal Packing Material: The right types and amount of packing material to provide the necessary amount of protection for the specific piece of artwork

Making the Right Choice

These are the basic requirements of any form of art crating company. While you may not know anything about packing and shipping, as professionals they need to. This is one reason why you have to be certain the company you choose is up for the job. While moving art can be perilous, choosing the right company for your art crating in Los Angeles, goes a very long way into securing the safe passage of your art works.

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