How Rigging In San Antonio Streamlines The Process Of Moving Heavy Equipment

A company that manufactures products relies on a vast array of machines to help them streamline the production process, and though they usually remain in place once installed, there are times when a company may need to relocate machinery. Moving machinery that is large and heavy isn’t easy and requires Rigging in San Antonio. A professional rigging company will have the tools and knowledge to make moving large equipment as easy as possible and prevent it from being damaged during the process.


The first step when moving large pieces of machinery is taking them apart so that all sides of the equipment are accessible to the technicians. Be sure to disconnect the power from the machine and remove any accessories that may be attached to reduce the weight and size of the object. Once the device is disassembled, the technician will create a plan to determine what materials are needed to move the item to its new destination safely.

Rigging Equipment Installation

The next phase is the installation of the rigging equipment, which depending on the size of the item being moved will consist of pallets, chains, ropes, and other handheld wedging devices. It is critical to the only trust this aspect of the move to a professional, as they will know the best way to support the device. Once the item is prepped for the move, a series of load tests will be conducted to prevent safety issues.

Crane Operation

In some instances, a company that provides custom Rigging in San Antonio will have to utilize a crane to relocate an item. The crane reduces the labor required during the process and helps reduce the propensity for injury. A crane also makes it easy to load the device onto a truck bed so the item may be transported safely to its new location.

Moving large pieces of machinery isn’t for the faint of heart. The team at DFW Movers & Erectors Inc. offers a variety of customized services that make relocating a manufacturing facility as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to learn more and arrange for a free quote to see how affordable moving a company’s facilities should be.

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