Three Ideas for Beautiful Backyard Decks

Beautiful backyard Decks in Long Island NY can be an extension of your indoor living space. It’s a great space to entertain guests or a place to relax. If your deck is looking like it needs a little cosmetic lift here are three ideas to create an inviting backyard deck oasis for you and your visitors.

The first thing you want to accomplish is cleaning and possibly re-staining the deck. The harsh elements of the weather can be brutal to a deck, leaving it dull and dingy. If your deck isn’t that dirty it will require a minimal amount of elbow grease. A cleaning solution and a hose should do the trick. For surfaces that are grimier you may need to use a pressure washer with the cleaning product. If your deck isn’t looking sparkly and new after a good and thorough cleaning it’s time to re-stain the deck. Prior to staining, be sure to check the weather so that the stain will have ample time to dry, stain usually dries within 48 hours.

Utilize backyard Decks in Long Island NY by the surrounding natures of the outdoors. Spruce up your deck with fresh flowers and greenery. Flower boxes and hanging plants are an economical and easy way to make your deck stand out and add vibrant colors. With so many decorative baskets, containers, and flower boxes it’s easy to plant your favorite flowers, herbs, or small tree to give your deck an instant display of beautiful blooms.

Simply by adding lighting around your deck will bring a whole new atmosphere when the sun sets. To create the perfect ambiance use artificial lighting such as flood lights or a strand of lights wrapped around the railings or trees. Tiki torches and citronella candles are a great natural source of light that will give you a relaxing setting and nice aroma while also deterring four legged creatures or other vermin from entering into your oasis.

It’s never too late; with the wintery weather fast approaching, these easy and inexpensive ideas can give your deck a quick lift in a short time so that you can get the most from your deck and outdoors before settling in for the frosty season. For more information and ideas, please contact Libardi Island Landscaping.

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