Custom Displays – The Best Way to Attract Trade Show Attention

Trade shows are a perfect way to not only market your company’s latest products and services but also attract and build relationships with buyers. Your booth or exhibit needs to communicate what your company is all about while attracting visitors and keeping them there. For that to happen, you need custom displays. These displays will represent your company and serve as a foundation of successful marketing.

Within a large exhibit hall or center, you have mere seconds to attract prospective buyers. The global design of your display should reflect your company’s overall personality while portraying a level of quality and service buyers can expect. First impressions are everything, so how do you plan custom displays that will make an impact?

Questions to Ask Before Getting Started

Understanding your display needs will help you determine what type of custom displays your company might need. For example, what do you hope to accomplish at the next trade show? What message do you need to deliver through your display? How many trade shows do you plan to use your display at and will you need multiple ones? What floor plan design do you need? Does it need to be portable so that you can transport and store the display yourself or can it be larger, requiring storage and transport of a freight company? What is your budget? As you can see, there are many aspects to consider!

Types of Custom Displays

There are some standard types of displays that can be tailored for your company’s use. The overall vibe of the trade show and your marketing objectives often dictate the type of display chosen. Pop-ups displays are easy to handle, store and transport yourself. These often have folding frame made of lightweight materials and can be configured to create interesting angles or curved walls.

Modular displays have a more permanent type of feel, as if it required some construction. They are highly customizable and can be configured based on the trade show space you pay for. Hybrid custom displays employ different aspects of other displays, sort of a mix and match option. It could include modular pieces as well as steel and lightweight aluminum tubing for a high tech look. Pop-ups can be incorporated into it as well as other display options such as table-top displays, kiosks and island designs which offer a 360 degree view of your exhibit space.

Lighting, carpeting, graphics and banners all add to the trade show experience. The custom displays you choose depend on the answers to the questions posed. Your primary objective and overall goals should define what type of display you select for marketing your company at exhibit trade shows.

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