Why Use Low Profile Fluorescent Socket Set

Fluorescent lighting is a type of light that is produced when a chemical reaction inside a glass tube is created. The chemicals become excited when heated. This heat will illuminate the phosphor powder coating on the inside of the glass tube creating the fluorescent light.

Fluorescent lights are commonly found in industrial areas, office buildings, and garages. In fact, people are replacing their incandescent lights in their homes with compact fluorescent lighting.


The fluorescent tube holds the gas which lights up when the electrical current excites the gas. The most common tube sizes are 5/8 inch, one inch, and one and one-half inch.

Low Profile Socket Set

The fluorescent tubes are held in place with sockets. Each lamp can have a high profile socket or use a low profile socket set. The sockets hold the tube and connect it to the electricity.

A low profile socket set is designed for ceilings and other areas where space is limited. A low profile socket set makes the lamp fit snug against a ceiling or wall. A low profile socket set is great for low clearance areas because they do not stick out and they reduce the chances of them getting hit or broken.

Low profile fluorescent lights are used in industrial areas such as shops, refineries, production plants, and chemical plants. Homeowners will also install them in their garages and backyard shops.


Typically, office spaces and warehouses are not concerned with decorative lighting. The main priority is to provide general lighting. This makes fluorescent lighting the most cost-effective way to light large areas. In addition, the low profile socket set allows for lighting in small or low ceiling areas.

In addition, the fluorescent lights are energy efficient and do not produce as much heat as incandescent light bulbs. The fluorescent bulbs will also last much longer than incandescent bulbs.

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