Things to Know about High Output Lamp Socket Replacement Parts

Fluorescent lighting is an efficient and cost-effective way to illuminate many facilities today. Some businesses may use standard lighting, but you can receive a great deal of benefits with high output fluorescent lights. Your lighting specialists carry several types of high output lamp socket replacement parts and here are some reasons to consider this kind of lighting for your business or organization.

What Does High Output Mean?

Standard fluorescent lighting uses a set amount of power and gives you a lot of efficient light. However, some businesses need more light, so they install high output (HO) fixtures from the lamp socket replacement parts supplier. These fixtures use more current but deliver brighter light than standard bulbs. It is important to change sockets if you plan to changeover because they have different pins than standard tubes.

Increase Lighting with High Output Lights

Do you need more light in your facility? If you have fluorescent fixtures, you may have to add more to increase the light. On the other hand, you can install high output lighting and get more light from the same amount of fixtures. This is an important consideration if you have no more ceiling space available.

High Ceilings

Does your facility have high ceilings? Buildings with tall ceilings need more light because there is more space to illuminate. If you are thinking of upgrading your lighting, talk to your lamp socket replacement parts supplier about high output fixtures. They are a good choice for many businesses today.


You have several choices when you choose high output fixtures. For example, you may go with recessed power groove sockets, stationary end, or snap-in types. For a tight fit, select spring end sockets. Your lighting specialists can help you choose the best kind of lighting for your needs, and they also carry a wide range of LED selections.

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