Which CCTV system is the right one?

Now that you have made the decision to install security in and around your home, it’s time to talk to experts about CCTV Petersfield cameras and accessories. There are a number of different systems available and there are also many factors that must be taken into account before you make the purchase. To make the job of selecting the right CCTV system, this guide may come in handy.

Cameras for day and night:

Most people opt for cameras which can capture and record high quality images even in low light. Although a street light or even the moon can cast enough light so the image can be recognized, neither are predictable so day/night CCTV Petersfield cameras are fitted with a source of infra red lighting.

Dummy security cameras:

This is an entry level, low cost way of at least giving the appearances of having a security system. Dummy cameras actually have a high success rate in deterring crime as most burglars and thieves would rather not get themselves into a risky situation if they can avoid it. Dummy cameras are often enough to cause the burglar to strike elsewhere, he has no way of knowing whether the camera is real or not. Dummy cameras look every bit a real as the real thing and those fitted with a red, battery operated LED are even more convincing.

Wireless cameras:

Wireless cameras are simple to install, they can be put anywhere without the need for a power point or a wire to carry the signal to the monitor hooked up to the CCTV Petersfield cameras. The disadvantage is that the battery needs attention. The camera is of no use at all if the battery is dead and you don’t know it. To keep the battery charging cycle to a minimum, most wireless cameras are fitted with a motion detector which is the device which sets the camera to work. By only recording when motion is sensed, the battery life can be extended considerably.

Hidden cameras:

Hidden cameras are more often than not found in retail stores and not the home. These cameras are covert and observe the action of people who believe they are free from observation. Although they are usually used in stores, they can also be used if you want to observe children or house help without their knowing it.

Dome cameras:

Once again, dome CCTV cameras Petersfield are usually found in commercial locations. They are usually installed in the corner of a room and they are capable of recoding the activities in the whole room, depending of course on area. As the camera is protected by a dome, they also are effective in hostile environments where there may be a lot of dirt and contaminates.

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