Mobile Device Management with Apple iPhone and iPad

There was a time when mobile device management, or MDM, consisted of tracking employee cell phone calls and that was about it. The IT department might track minutes, but there really wasn’t an attempt to beef up security or take control of corporate data. Enter the modern world; where most people would be lost without their iPhone or iPad, and you can quickly see why you need Apple MDM to help assure that your company data will not be compromised.

Why Are Smart Phones Harder to Keep Secure?
The reason your iPhone or iPad may need more security than the cell phone that you had 5 or 10 years ago is because of the broad level of access afforded today. The internet has made accessing the data a breeze from a smart phone or tablet. The security issues of yesterday pale in comparison to the issues known today.

Smart phones have the capability of advanced connectivity and high levels of computing ability. In other words, a smart phone is like a PC, a cell phone and a PDA all rolled into one. The security needs are also correspondingly higher. You know the high level of security your home computer or laptop needs — your smart phone needs the same level of security.. You need to upgrade quickly to a mobile device management solution before something devastating could happen to your company data.

Why it is Imperative that You Get MDM Services for Your Apple Devices
If your company uses Apple devices, you already know that they are likely a treasured asset. Your workers are probably more easily available, they are more efficient and more productive. Are you willing to let all of that go to prevent a data breach? That is exactly what you could be looking at if you don’t update your security with a mobile device management solution.

There are many wonderful companies out there that offer mobile device management services for your business. Don’t delay. If you have iPhones and iPads in your workplace, you definitely need to contact a company that offers MDM for Apple iOS devices.