Have Ugly Teeth? Make an Appointment with a Cosmetic Dentist in Kamuela, HI

People often feel self-conscious when their smile isn’t in great shape. They tend not to smile or open their mouths widely in social situations. Some hate their teeth so much they don’t want to even talk to people. These folks don’t realize that there are many ways that a Cosmetic Dentist Kamuela HI practice could help them. If they have teeth that are chipped and discolored, they may be the perfect candidate for veneers. In just one or two visits, the dentist can fit porcelain or resin veneers over a patient’s teeth. The transformation can be remarkable. With the veneers in place, all of the patient’s teeth are the same size and perfect color. Any ugly gaps have been filled.

If the patient is older and has many dental fillings, they are probably silver fillings. These do the job, but they can give teeth a gray shadow. The result is a dingy smile. No matter how many teeth whitening products the person uses, they don’t have bright and sparkling teeth. When the Cosmetic Dentist Kamuela HI replaces the silver fillings with modern composite fillings that match the tooth, the process immediately improves the patient’s tooth color and appearance.

Patients who have lost a tooth due to an accident or a dental procedure can also be self-conscious. A cosmetic dentist in Kamuela HI can replace the tooth with either a permanent bridge or dental implant. If the patient’s jaw can acccommodate the implant, that’s usually the easiest long-term solution. A metal implant is screwed into the person’s jaw and a porcelain crown is attached to it. Not only does it look very realistic, it is cared for just like any other tooth. It also preserves the jaw bone.

Unfortunately not every patient can have an implant inserted into their jaw. In that case a dentist can create a permanent bridge. Instead of being attached to an implant, a porcelain crown is attached to crowns that fit over adjacent teeth. Unfortunately, those healthy teeth have to be ground down and fit with crowns. The patient also has to carefully clean the bridge to prevent any decay. But the bridge also look very realistic and allows a patient to eat almost anything. Visit to get more information on cosmetic dentist in Kamuela, HI.

cosmetic dentist in Kamuela HI

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