When Do You Really Need A Dog Bite Lawyer in Atlantic County?

Injuries from dog bites are relatively rare, but they are serious enough that they require medical attention and therefore a lawyer to settle legal disputes. However, many believe that they aren’t serious enough to seek legal aid, or even medical attention. This quick guide will tell you when is the right time to seek a dog bite lawyer and how to find the best one :

1. Finding out if You are Eligible
Specialist dog bite injury lawyer David J. Cowhey of Atlantic Injury Lawyer says that any New Jersey residents who have been victims of dog bites can make a claim for compensation. If the incident has caused trauma, required medical attention, or left a lasting injury, then the claim is even stronger. Contact a local law office for a consultation to explain your case and find out if you are eligible.

2. Finding out What you are Owed
Experts at Dog Bite Law say that most victims don’t know enough about the legal process to realize how much compensation they are owed. It can be easy for them to overlook things that could help their claim. They estimate that hiring a dog bite lawyer can get the victim 3 to 5 times more than what they would get on their own without a lawyer.

3. Financial and Psychological Distress
It is easy to assume ‘it is just a dog bite’ and ignore the high medical bills and psychological distress that can result from the incident. In some cases, it may require ongoing medication, follow up medical appointments, or counselling.

There is no reason to assume that your injuries aren’t severe enough to seek compensation or that there is no way you will win anything. Speak to a trusted local lawyer as soon as you can and find out exactly how strong your case is.

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