Bringing A Pet To A Veterinarian in Bowie After Eating Something Poisonous

Dogs are known to eat substances other than dog food. If a pet owner leaves out a chemical agent in their home, and their dog eats it, there may be a reaction as a result. It will be necessary to bring the pet to a veterinarian in Bowie to tend to the dog promptly. Here are some steps one should take after they discover their dog ate a poisonous substance.

Call The Veterinarian Immediately

It will be necessary to call a veterinarian to find out if there are any specific instructions to follow in the care of the dog before they get to the office for a checkup. The veterinarian will ask for the ingredients listed on the poisonous substance if possible. They will then direct the owner in how to proceed.

Make The Dog Throw Up If Necessary

Some poisonous agents require that the dog vomits to eliminate the substance from their stomach right away. This may require substances already present in the home to help with the process. The veterinarian will give directions regarding this matter. In other instances, it is best to avoid having the dog vomit. Instead, they will be given a charcoal-based agent in the office to help absorb the poison from the stomach.

Keep The Dog Comfortable While In Transit

It is best to have someone else assist in keeping the dog comfortable while on the way to the veterinarian’s office. Place a blanket in the back seat of the vehicle and have this person talk to the dog during the trip so it remains calm. It is best to bring the poisonous substance along for the trip as well. It should be placed in the trunk of the vehicle so the dog does not eat more of it while in the vehicle.

If a dog owner needs to bring their pet to a veterinarian in Bowie, they will want to find one known for their professionalism and competitive pricing schedule. Contact Gambrills Veterinary Center to alert the doctor on-call that there is an emergency regarding a poisoning. They will then be available to take the dog in right away upon arrival.

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