Invest in a Bridal Makeup Service for That Special Day

Every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding day. Many salons and spas offer a bridal makeup service to help you look picture-perfect. The service starts with a consultation and can include a trial run before the big day.


A successful bridal makeup service consultation will ensure that the makeup is tailored to meet the needs of the bride. All brides are different, with different skin tones and styles, and the consultation is the time to review options and start making some choices. During the consultation, your makeup artist will note your skin tone, skin type, most complementary colors, and preferences. You may look at pictures to determine what styles interest you. Finally, you will discuss whether a pre-wedding appointment is needed and schedule a time for a few hours before the wedding.

Pre-Wedding Run Through

The day of your wedding is not the time to practice makeup application. Most salons and spas that offer a bridal makeup service also provide a trial run option to test out the style and type of makeup that suits you best. If you are having your hair done at the same salon, it is also a good time to try out the entire process. If you are comfortable with your makeup choices during the consultation, you may even want to schedule pictures after your makeup application.

Not Just for Brides

You do not have to be walking down the aisle to take advantage of a professional bridal makeup service. Whether it’s the prom, a holiday party, or some other special event, a salon is just the place to go to make sure you look and feel your best. Let your makeup artist know what you plan to wear and, if time permits and the occasion is very special, have a pre-event makeup application. For more information contact Safie Salon & Day Spa at 516-541-7007. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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