What to Expect From an Infant Photography Session

Infant photography in NYC is amazing. In fact, most photographers who specialize in babies will tell you that infant photo sessions are their favorite. It is an art, however, and both the photographer and the one being photographed need to be prepared for the session. It is important that you know what to expect from a session of infant photography in NYC.

Before the Session

It is recommended that you schedule infant photography in NYC while you are pregnant. Although the exact due date is really up to the baby, you can give an estimated timeframe for when you think you will be able to get the photos done. Remember, it is ideal that you get baby photographed within the first 10 days of being born. This will increase your chances of getting those perfect baby shots you see in magazines. You should also discuss with the photographer what you are looking for with the photos. For instance, will this be baby alone, mom and dad, siblings, and what props you want or would like to use.

During the Session

Once the day arrives for infant photography NYC area, you will want to arrive early enough that you can let baby get comfortable. You may also want to speak with the photographer about having time to feed baby once you get there. After baby is relaxed and settled, getting him or her into different poses will be the next step. The photographer may suggest some poses and/or props that they have used in the past, but remember that you can also use the ones you’ve brought along as well.

After the Session

Once baby is all photographed, you and the photographer will discuss what you can expect in the next few days, or weeks, depending on how long it takes for the proofs to come back. In some instances, the photographer may be able to let you view the photos digitally, and choose the poses and sizes you want right there. However, there may be instances where you will need to wait for the proofs to come back, and then you can choose the different poses you want and in what sizes you will need. Make sure you have the photographer’s business card, so that you can call with any questions you have prior to the session and after the session.


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