Ending Your Marriage by Divorce in Warwick

At the start, we thought it could never happen to us but, statistically, there is a high chance that, one day, our own marriage might end in divorce.

Find Yourself a Good Solicitor

Your partner may say that this divorce will be amicable and free from any dispute and nastiness and you may well agree but it is rarely possible to conduct the whole thing that way. True, you could both simply go your own ways and wait out the necessary years for the time when the length of your separation qualifies you both for an automatic granting of your divorce petition. But, even then, there are legal papers to be completed and can anyone ever hope to amicably share out the assets that have been accumulated over the years that you were a couple and were both in love and happily living together?

Divorce does not have to degenerate into an ugly fight just because you have chosen to use a solicitor like Divorce Warwick. A good solicitor will obviously look out for your personal interests but will also be aware of your legal requirements that relate to the sharing out of all the marital assets between you and your, soon to be, ex-partner.

Monetary Assets

Both of you will have made investments relating to your married life – both in direct cash and in personal involvement and commitment; so it should follow that you are both entitled to a fair share of those assets in the event of a marriage breakdown. The amount of this share is covered in outline by the laws on divorce but is somewhat open to negotiation and the likes of Divorce Warwick will be able to advise and guide you through such negotiations.

What if Children are Involved?

This is, perhaps, the saddest aspect of most divorces. Normally, both sides (husband and wife) will equally love their children but it is not possible to divide them into two halves and share them out. Probably, no settlement will be pleasing to both parents but, if your chosen solicitor specialises in Family Law, they should be able to give you the best advice on what to expect and how much protection do your “rights” have in the eyes of the law.

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Divorce Warwick

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