Finding A Wheelchair In Mystic

The decision to use a wheelchair comes from both choice and necessity. Having a wheelchair makes it harder to get around – especially places that aren’t handicapped accessible.

What should you look for in a wheelchair? There are many makes and models out there to choose from. Regular push wheelchairs are easy to maneuver if you have strong upper body strength. If that isn’t possible, there are electric wheelchairs that use batteries and you push a lever to determine which way you want to go. This model is easier on people who are frail or don’t have the upper body strength to push a wheelchair on its own.

From the two basic categories, there is a breakdown into different models. Hand powered wheelchairs come in full size models with high backs as well as racing models that are lower to the ground and much lighter and therefore faster. Electric wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes and models as well. From the heavy to the lighter models, electric wheelchairs Mystic offer a range of what can be done with that type of chair.

Hand powered wheelchairs also tend to break down into parts easily to put them in the car for transport. The wheels come off and the base folds down making it easy to store in a trunk. Almost to a one, hand powered wheelchairs are significantly lighter than their electric counterparts. Also, hand powered models tend to be less expensive than electric models.

When picking out a wheelchair, it is important to test drive several models to see which one fits your body and your lifestyle best. Just like test driving a car. Each body is different, so each body is going to require a wheelchair that best suits them. The more models available from a company, the better the chances of finding the right wheelchair for you.

Wheelchairs are essential for a lot of people. Making the right choice for your needs requires some work. You need to test drive many models – both hand powered and electric. After a while, you’ll get the feel for what wheelchair is best for your needs.

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