What Family Law Means

A family law lawyer in Pottstown PA—as well as a family law lawyer in anything other part of the country—will help a couple in matters of divorce and anything connected with it. For instance, family law encompasses all laws within the jurisdiction of anything to do with family, such as adoption, child abuse, divorce, marriage, prenuptials, juvenile adjudication, child support, visitation rights and so on.

A lawyer is described—by Black’s Law Dictionary—as a ‘person learned in the law’ and one who can practice law according to the rules of the country or State in which they are licensed. It takes many years of study to become a qualified lawyer and generally the study begins with a degree course in law. After that, a post graduate course must be taken and then the State bar exams must be passed. Once this process is completed the student can then call themselves a lawyer.

In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, there is a dichotomy between lawyers—known as barristers—and solicitors—what we call lawyers. The barristers are the only ones who are allowed into most courts to represent a client, whereas the solicitor might initiate the case and do most of the work. This applies mostly in criminal law, but a solicitor can practice any area of law in the same way as a lawyer can in the United States. This includes but is not limited to family law, immigration, civil law, property law, commercial law and so on.

Family Law in the United States

In the U.S. family law courts can determine how much a parent pays in child support, how often one parent has visitation rights, which parent—if any—has sole custody of the child(ren) and who gets the property and assets. Much of their judge’s decision can arise from evidence heard from both parties as to the state of the couple’s current and previous relationship. If the split is amicable, for instance, there is little contention involved. However, is the split is acrimonious there could be much arguing involved and therefore a judge will base their decision on representation by each parties lawyer. Family law is a complex series of laws covering a multitude of subjects.

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