Common Boiler Problems and How to Avoid Them

If your home uses a boiler there are a few common issues that can lead to the Boiler Repairs Nassau County home owners might require. As luck would have it problems usually appear early in the season when you begin to use your boiler more often right when you need it the most. Here are some of the issues you might run into with your boiler.

Most Common Problems
Lack of Heat: When the heat is not working you can have many issues from broken diaphragms to valve issues and a broken thermostat to poor water levels.
Noises: Boilers can cause so many noises it might be hard not to think your house is haunted. There can be banging, gurgling and even hissing sounds coming from your boiler and each sound can be trying to tell you something is wrong. There can also be air in the system or issues with the water pressure.
Dreaded Leaks: If you have leaking or dripping it can be due to many issues and should be looked after right away in case of a serious crack forming to flood your basement!
Pilot Light: If your pilot light keeps going out it could be an issue with the thermocouple as well as draughts.
Condensate Pipe: If you notice your condensate pipe is frozen it will have to be defrosted.
Pressure: If your boiler loses pressure it can be due to a leak or a broken valve.
Shut Downs: Sometimes boilers can seem to be switching themselves off. This is another situation caused by different issues including broken thermostats, water pressure and valve or pump issues.
Broken Thermostat: A broken thermostat can cause all kinds of problems from switching off your boiler to providing inaccurate readings.
Cold Radiators: Radiators can get clogged up which means warm water cannot flow properly to provide heat.
Kettling: Lime scale build up will cause a rumbling sound in your boiler and kettling.

Most Common Fixes
Any of the above issues will probably need the Boiler Repairs Nassau County home owners dread. But having a repair service come in sooner than later can help avoid more costly issues down the road. A good maintenance check will allow your system to undergo repairs such as defrosting your condensate pipe, determining what is causing sounds, flushing out your radiators and reducing lime scale build up. Leak detection and repair as well as checks to the pilot light will also help resolve your boiler issues.Save

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