Different Custom Shaped Chocolate You Can Give as Gifts

Custom Shaped Chocolate is a fun gift to give. It is better than giving candy from a store because each piece is personalized for the recipient. They might like it so much they won’t want to eat it. Not only are custom chocolate gifts appreciated, but these candies are enjoyed as favors for parties and business promotions, with a personal stamp on these types of candy.


Chocolate coins are customized on both the candy and the foil wrapper. You can have a name printed on the candy. You might hand out one large chocolate coin or several wrapped in a bag that can also be customized.

Chocolate Squares

Chocolate squares are like small candy bars. Much like how commercial candy bars have the company name printed on the chocolate, you can do the same with custom chocolate squares. Put your business name or logo on the chocolate and on the foil wrapper. These are also great as wedding favors with the bride and groom’s name imprinted on them.


Instead of buying a box of chocolates similar to the type everyone buys on valentine’s day go a different direction and purchase personalized chocolate hearts. You can have a saying printed on the wrappers, so be creative and announce your love or even give a proposal.

Chocolate Cigars

Cigars are traditionally used to celebrate good fortune, whether it’s a finished business deal or a new baby on the way. Not everyone smokes cigars, though, so instead, use chocolate cigars. They look like the real thing, but taste much better. You can have your logo or design printed on the cigar ring and the accompanying cigar box.


Chocolate favors are common, so why not take it to a new level and add cookies to the mix. You can choose from sugar, oatmeal and gingerbread cookies. The tops of the cookies have a thin layer of chocolate with your design or logo stamped into the sweet candy.

Photo Frames

A fun way to surprise friends and family is by turning chocolate into edible photo frames. You can choose chocolate frames shaped like hearts, CDs or stars. Inside the chocolate frame is your digital picture printed with edible ink.

Custom shaped chocolate takes a common gift and makes it unique. The recipient will love that you personalized the gift and gave them something sweet to eat, too. Visit Chocolate Favors World for more information.

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