Use Architectural Landscape Lighting To Highlight Appealing Aspects Of Your Landscape

Lighting your home’s walkways and entrances is a common sense step you take for safety and security reasons. Have you ever stopped to consider the benefits of lighting your landscape for the visual effect it offers? Whether you love to entertain outdoors after dark or you just enjoy presenting a visually stunning landscape at night as well as during the day, using architectural landscape lighting can be an excellent option for you.

Your first step in placing landscape lighting is determining which areas of your landscape you’d like to illuminate and which should remain unlit. Many homeowners like to light their home’s exterior, but there’s a certain way to do it so that the light is soft and inviting rather than harsh and very bright. You may have designed a garden feature that you’d like to expose with special lighting. A deck or seating area can be lit from above as well as below to provide you and your guests safety as you enjoy the outdoor living area. There’s a landscape lighting fixture designed for any job, whether it’s lighting a path or showcasing a landscape feature.

You can do some of your own landscape lighting yourself if you prefer, but you might want to consult an landscape architecture expert or a lighting manufacturer before starting the work. There are so many different types of landscape lighting available today that you can quickly become overwhelmed with the options. Different types of lights include solar, LED (light emitting diode), line or household voltage and low voltage lights. You can can choose from flood lights and spotlights, bullet lights, canister lights and path lights. Each type of fixture is designed to illuminate a certain type of feature in your landscape, such as your home’s exterior, special plantings, or a flag, for example.

Once you’ve chosen the features you’d like to highlight in your landscape, you can call in an architectural landscape lighting company to help you draw up a plan to accomplish your vision. When you’re ready to choose the company, look for one that is experienced in architectural landscape lighting. A landscape company may not have the expertise to advise you on the best ways to effectively light your outdoor space. The landscape lighting professionals at Touchscape Accent Lighting know how to turn your ideas into a visually stunning landscape.

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