Start with These Family Room Addition Design Ideas for Increased Satisfaction

It’s easy to know when your old decor has become stale and boring. Even so, you may be baffled when it comes to figuring out just how to revitalize it. Here are some family room addition design ideas to help you decide on elements that will bring both excitement and usability to your home:

If your house simply doesn’t have enough room for you to do everything you want when you’re at home, it’s time to put on an addition. Additions can be added as partial second stories, but they aren’t limited to such placements. As long as you have enough land, an addition can be used to extend a house’s width, depth, or both. When you have any type of addition put on, you should consider which family members will be using the new room. This will ensure that you can have a builder like Guedes Construction, Inc. add the features you’ll need.

When you intend to use the space as a family room, the needs of your entire family must be given careful thought before you have the room finished. If you have young children, for example, you should add plenty of features that can be reached from their height. Try adding a built-in entertainment center that holds game consoles, a TV, a kid-friendly stereo, and has room for plenty of children’s CDs. All of these things should be at kid height so that they can just flop down on the floor and start having fun. There should also be plenty of kid-sized furniture for the times that they don’t want to lay on the carpet.

Families with older children don’t need to have things at a low height, but kids of any age can still be hard on the furnishings. Design with an eye to durability and ease of cleaning.

Those who have no kids or teenagers in the house can finally go full-on high-end without having to worry about spilled sodas, scratched furniture, and other such things. Family room addition design ideas for these families include leather sofas, fine wood tables, and Saxony carpet for a luxurious experience. Of course, you should also add a built-in entertainment center. Add a few cabinets to keep everything organized – you won’t want the appearance of your new room marred by the clutter of TV guides, remotes, or newspapers.


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