The Do’s And Don’ts Of Hiring A Mover

When you are hiring in state or local movers in Philadelphia there are a few things to bear in mind to make your move easier and less stressful.

Local moves and intrastate movers tend to charge for their services in two different ways; hourly and flat rate. An hourly rate often specifies a minimum number of hours that can be charged for, in most cases it is two or three hours. There may also be a one-time charge that covers the cost of sending their staff out to make the initial move.

A flat rate covers everything that is to be moved and any special circumstances which have an effect on the move, this could be moving from an upper floor, remote parking issues, carrying charges, etc. When you are dealing with the local movers in Philadelphia, read the contract that you offered carefully, make sure that there are not other charges that have not been mentioned. In many cases, if the pick-up was made late in the day it will be necessary that your possessions are stored overnight, this may also be an additional cost. Do not hesitate to negotiate the contract first but remember, once the contract is signed, there are no other chances to remove or reduce charges.

Most moving companies are professional operators but unfortunately this is a business that can and does attract rogues. You are well advised to thoroughly investigate the company, do a quick check with the BBB to see if they have a history of complaints and if they do, what is the nature of the complaints.

Some things to do:
Don’t try to hide anything when you are discussing the move. If you have a second story then tell the movers about it immediately, if you have goods stored in a second location and you want the movers to stop a second time, tell them about it. If you are honest up front there will be no reason for troubles on the day the move takes place.

Investigate the insurance that the moving company carries; see if it covers all eventualities which can be damage and theft.

Ask for the payment expectations up front. Most moving companies will ask for a down payment with the balance payable upon successful completion of the move. A word to the wise; do not work with companies that demand payment in cash, this is the sure mark of unprofessional rogues.

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