The Many Uses Of Sand

When you are looking into sand hauling in North Dakota you may stumble across the many different uses of sand, both in the oil field industry and in other areas. Sand can come in many different colors and compositions to suit many different needs and when you are looking for sand for a particular purpose you will want to make sure that the composition is right. In some cases, the composition and color of the sand don’t matter and you just need something inexpensive and easily shipped to the site. Some of the industries that sand is important in are oil drilling, landscaping, glass work, as well as some others. Most of your sand hauling in North Dakota work will most likely be for oil drilling purposes.

In oil drilling, sand is used as part of the fracturing fluid used with hydraulic fracturing to hold the fracture open while oil is being taken out through it. This method allows for more oil to be taken out of underground reservoirs with less effort and with, arguably, less environmental impact. This sand is usually called frac sand or even frack sand and does not usually have a specific composition or color. If you are looking for a job driving a truck for an oil field services company then you will probably end up sand hauling in North Dakota at least once in your career. With the demand for oil becoming ever higher, oil field services such as sand hauling are sure to stay in high demand as well. This means that as a truck driver you can expect to have a relatively stable job compared to the rest of the job market.

In landscaping sand is used to help drain water in potted plants, it is used to help level and decorate many kinds of pathways. Colored sand is also used for play areas for children and other recreational activities such as volleyball courts and more. Sand used in landscaping will usually have more specifics to it’s composition and color than other uses for sand, and most of the time landscapers will try to find as local a source as possible to save on hauling costs. Most of the time you can find landscaping sand at your local hardware or landscaping store.

When it comes to the sand used in glass making and other artistic endeavors, the composition and color of the sand becomes even more important. If the sand has different compositions then it will react differently to the processes used in various different kinds of art and will produce different strengths and colors of glass.

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