How To Prevent Errors With Estate Planning In Harrisburg

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Lawyer

Planning an estate is very crucial for people everywhere, not just the rich and famous. Those that do not can leave loved ones swimming in legal procedures, probate and unnecessary burdens after their death. It is also probable that without the proper estate planning in Harrisburg, many final wishes will not be respectfully followed by family or courts of law. Too many people do not invest the time needed to plan their estate and make their wishes known and then it is their loved ones that suffer from it. These are the people that end up going through long, legal proceedings after your death in an attempt to have your final wishes be heard and enacted but are not always so successful. Many times the laws do not recognize these wishes because proper estate planning was not done.

Even if you have no real estate property, estate planning is still crucial. Estate planning is all about your personal belongings, your financial assets and your minor children. Children that lose parents before the legal age of 18 can end up in the hands of someone that the court appoints if the parents didn’t stipulate and assign a legal guardian in writing and property according to the law. Do you want the courts deciding who raises your children?

Other estate planning errors occur when people decide on joint ownership. A lot of times senior citizens decide they are going to put their adult child’s name on their titles to avoid complicated and lengthy legal procedures for their family after their death. However, this is not always the outcome. Sometimes seniors even end up losing a portion of their assets because of creditors or the child’s ex-husband or ex-wife.

Planning your estate needs to take place before your death. If you are seriously ill or left without any abilities before passing away, your entire estate will most likely be given to one of your beneficiaries to oversee and manage. Those that plan ahead for these unfortunate and unmanageable situations can appoint who they want to be in charge of their estate, not be at the mercy of the courts for them to decide. There is also room for medical instructions in estate planning in Harrisburg.

It is most important that anyone looking at getting started on their estate planning in Harrisburg should hire a qualified attorney to ensure that the estate planning documents do not contain any errors and that every possible situation is covered so that the personal wishes of the person planning their estate will be met without any long ordeals, legislations or battles. It is vital to protect the wishes you have for your family, belongings and finances by getting an established attorney that is experienced and successful with estate planning in Harrisburg.

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