Loving Adult Foster Care in Tucson, AZ

When adults reach the point in their life where they cannot take care of themselves or live alone safely any longer, they need constant supervision. Many adults do not like the idea of living in a nursing home or assisted living center. They want the comfort of a real home with a real family, which is exactly what adult foster care in Tucson, AZ, can provide. Giving your loved one the care of a family setting offers a more loving environment, as well as personalized care.

What Is Adult Foster Care?

Just like child foster care, trained adults can get licensed and certified to care for elderly adults and adults with disabilities. The elderly and disabled adults are cared for in the home of the caregiver, much like a foster child is. The main premise behind adult foster care is providing adults with help with everyday tasks. They provide 24-hour care, including hygiene, meals and companionship. The one thing adult foster care does not provide is full-time nursing care. If this level of care is needed, an institution is a better choice.

Who Is Eligible for Adult Foster Care?

The adults who can receive care from a caregiver include anyone over the age of 16 who cannot live alone due to a mental, physical or medical condition. Adults in adult foster care in Tucson, AZ, might need help with daily tasks, such as bathing, toileting and dressing. Other tasks they might need help with include getting around and eating.

The Different Needs

Every adult has different needs. When you are interviewing various adult foster caregivers, make sure you thoroughly explain your loved one’s needs. It is much better to be up front about what your relative’s needs are, rather than surprising the caregiver and causing them to give up prematurely.

Any idiosyncrasies your loved one has should be relayed to the caregiver as well. If their personality is one that requires privacy and does not like constant companionship, this should be relayed to the caregiver ahead of time. Many elderly and disabled adults become wanderers. This can pose a safety risk to everyone in the home – making this known up front is essential to ensure the safety of your loved one and the foster family. The more information the caregiver has about the adult needing care, the better fit you will find for adult foster care in Tucson, AZ.

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