The Best Places to Hide GPS Tracking Devices

Keeping track of employees and children has never been easier. Digital GPS tracking devices record location data and either send it to you in real-time or allow you to download it later. Unfortunately, in order to be completely effective, they need to stay concealed. Hiding them in the following places will allow you to track someone without being found out:

Placing GPS Tracking Devices in Cars

A few years ago, a woman caused quite a commotion at her husband’s work when the tracker she’d installed under his dash surprisingly fell into his lap. When he saw the suspicious blank outer case and blinking lights, he drove back to work and called the police thinking the tracker might be a bomb. Her husband had no idea she was on to his affair or that she was collecting evidence she needed to file for divorce.

The most common places to hide a GPS tracker in a car include:

*inside the trunk
*under the dash
*inside the glove compartment
*under the pedals or seats
*under the car’s exterior

Placing a tracker under a gas or brake pedal could lead to serious injury. More importantly, it’s a common place people look when they think their car is bugged. To successfully hide a tracking unit in a car, consumers have to think out of the box.

The best hiding places are out of the ordinary; they’re easy to reach but not necessarily easy to check. They should also be reasonably secure from the elements to prevent damage to the unit. Today’s tiny trackers give consumers a wide range of possibilities.

A few of the best hiding places in an auto include:

*behind the tank for window washing fluid
*folded inside a blanket in the trunk
*taped under a floor mat in the back of the car
*hidden inside a window scraper

The absolute best places in the car you want to track depends a lot on the driving habits of the person using it. With the 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch tracking models available, hiding a device can be done almost anywhere. When thinking outside the box, consumers should also think outside the car.

Tracking Someone on Bike, Bus or Foot

Relying on an automobile to find out what your employees or children are doing on your time can return skewed results. They can leave their autos at any time. Being able to send the GPS tracking device with them gives you a total picture of their day. This can be done a number of ways.

The smallest tracking units can be comfortably slipped inside coat linings, taped inside work equipment and mixed in with other items people take on the go. They can be attached underneath bike seats or stuffed inside pockets in bags. Modern GPS tracking units are inconspicuous enough to go without notice in most situations.

Keeping dibs on someone may be important to protect your budget or to protect your children from harm. Unfortunately, other people sometimes don’t see things that way. It’s important to hide GPS tracking devices in locations that stay concealed.


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