Amp-Line Custom Transformers

Amp-Line offers a wide range of top-quality transformers that are off-the-shelf ready. As a world-class manufacturer, we can also produce a Custom Transformer to suit your application needs. If you need a custom design, be sure to contact us so we can create something custom tailored for you.

In order to design and manufacture your Custom Transformer, we will need some specifications from you. Such design criteria includes:

1. Brief Description of the Transformer Application
2. Primary Voltage
3. Secondary Voltage
4. Output Power

We’ll let you know if there’s anything else we might need, though that is usually enough to get started on a custom design for you. Once we have all the design criteria we need, we will contact you with a quotation as soon as possible. You can expect a design that is the same level of industrial and commercial quality as anything else from our regular line of products.

Though we offer many great single-phase models, we also have a range a 3-phase models. Our range of products is rather wide to suit many needs already. So, check these first to see if any of them suit your needs. Should you still need a custom design, any of these should be a good basis for your Custom Transformer design.

Our engineering team takes pride in the robust designs that make up Amp-Line. These designs are the culmination of years of experience and knowhow. This is what you should expect from an industry leader trusted by so many customers around the world. Though we encourage you to check out our off-the-shelf offerings, we can also turn out a custom design. It will surely suit the needs of your application and provide you with years of reliable service. Whatever your application needs may be, Amp-Line has you covered.

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