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It’s sometimes tempting to treat repairmen s universally skilled. After all, it’s all tools, so if someone’s a good carpenter that’s enough to justify hiring them to work on the air conditioning. You might think that’s unlikely, but people often under estimate how few repair contacts they’ve established considering the vast array of potential specializations. If you’ve just had major work done on one part of the house, one of the advantages is that you know people you have an opinion on if you need similar work done. However since most work inside a house is fairly specialized you might not have as valuable of contacts as you think. AC repair for instance is a specialized skill set that people who work in HVAC tend to have. Now the good news is that for residents of the city of Houston, the size of the market and the local weather conditions means that there are plenty of trained professionals who can assist in AC repair.

Why is AC repair specialized? Part of it has to do with the fact that like heating, and similar systems it’s very mechanical. The more electronic and mechanical something is generally speaking the more it’s going to have a fairly unique base of information at work. Someone who knows electronics might understand the principles behind the wiring of AC systems, but doesn’t know why each wire leads where it does and why it’s important. AC’s are also chemical. The process of cooling is based on the evaporation and expansion of Freon. There’s also finally the issue of the digital electronic controls. All told, AC repair is actually rather complex. Now there is some good news in all of this, the skills are not so rare and unique that it’s impossible to find repair technicians at an affordable rate, it just means that if you have a few firms in other specialties you’ve worked with a lot that you might not be able to rely on them.

So you’re faced with an AC that’s acting up and you don’t know anyone in Houston who does AC repair. You know some electricians and some plumbers perhaps, but not someone or a firm that knows about HVAC. The good news is, that as mentioned Houston, and other warm weather towns have a heavy presence of AC repair firms. Market conditions drive more of our lives than we realize and there are some favorable market conditions in Houston for AC repair. It’s a very large city both in terms of population and geography this means that no individual firm can dominate, just because of the geographical pressures of covering that large of an area, and that there’s enough of a population to support multiple firms. This leads to a competitive market place which in turn leads to lower prices.

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