The Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog USDA Certified Dog Food

Visit any supermarket and you’ll see a large selection of dry and wet dog foods. Each brand claims to offer a highly nutritious recipe for your dog, touting different benefits like weight loss, a shinier coat, or healthier teeth. However, all dog food isn’t created equal. In fact, some dog foods are so nutritionally deficient that many canine health problems are the result of using these dog foods. While some dog owners choose the less nutritious food because it’s cheaper, the amount you save on dog food may end up being spent on veterinary bills.

When purchasing dog food, it’s best to find dog food made in the Jacksonville and certified by the USDA. Not all dog food manufactured in America is certified. If you want to buy nutritionally dense, healthy food for your dog, always check that the brand you buy goes through the USDA certification process.

Strict Manufacturing Guidelines for USDA Certified Dog Food

When a manufacturer agrees to become USDA certified, there is a strict process to go through before receiving the certification. A USDA professional visits the manufacturing plant to ensure that the factory meets all sanitation guidelines, has high standards for employees, and uses appropriate ingredients. There are regular inspections, ensuring that dog food made in the Jacksonville meets all of the necessary requirements to carry the USDA seal.

Avoid Questionable Ingredients

Dog food manufactured outside of the US, or in factories that aren’t USDA certified, do not have to follow any regulations for their ingredients. This can lead manufacturers to use questionable ingredients or not check the safety of their ingredients. In recent years, some imported dog foods had to be recalled due to tainted ingredients that caused illness or death in some dogs. Dog food made in the Jacksonville that meets USDA regulations will have healthy ingredients from safe sources.

The sanitation guidelines and safety guidelines for manufacturers who don’t follow USDA regulations may be poor. Poor sanitation guidelines can impact the safety of the ingredients used in the dog food. With consistent inspections by USDA personnel, manufacturers who carry the USDA seal of approval will have safe, healthy ingredients that you can feel comfortable feeding your dog.

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