A few tips for cleaning your drains

Drains are the unseen, unsung heroes of the plumbing system. All the wastewater is flushed or sent through the drains on the way to the sewer or the septic tank system. Over time drains can become clogged with built up grease, hair, soap scum, food partials and other forms of debris and waste. Many homeowners perform drain cleaning every month as a matter of precaution; they usually rely on a homemade concoction consisting of baking soda and vinegar. If the drains are seriously clogged it’s time to reach for the plunger, a drain snake or call the professional drain cleaners or plumber.

A great way to keep the drains in your home free from clogs and smelling nice is to use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda on a monthly basis. The formula is simple, pour one cup of baking soda into the drain and follow this with one cup of vinegar which has been heated and then finish it off with about four quarts of very hot water. This mixture causes a chemical reaction that scours the drain, pushing any accumulated sediment through the trap and into the sewer. The vinegar attacks any pathogens that may be in the drain pipe and the baking soda leaves the drain smelling fresh by absorbing all the odors.

Even those people who follow this monthly routine faithfully will periodically get a clogged drain. The greatest friend of the homeowner is the common plunger which will solve a lot of the problems. If the plunger does not move the clog then use a plumber’s snake which is readily available at any hardware store or home centers. This tool is nothing more than a long flexible cable that has a hook on one end and a hand crank on the other. The snake is introduced into the drain through the trap which is normally found in the cabinet below the sink. Remove the trap and push the snake into the drain, turning the crank as you go. The rotating hook on the business end will eventually reach the clog and chew it out; the debris is then washed out with water after the trap has been reinstalled.

If plunging or the use of a drain snake does not get the job done the next step is to call professionals who do drain cleaning in Bowie MD. These people have all the sophisticated equipment needed to tackle the worst clogs; the equipment includes rooters and hydrojets if necessary.

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