How dog sitters can help your dog flourish

When you are gone for long periods of time, this can be stressful for your dog. Often they resort to destructive behavior such as rooting through the garbage. Other times they may become despondent or simply suffer from lack of exercise. One alternative that can prove beneficial for them while helping them to flourish is by working with dog sitters. Dog sitters can provide your pet with the stimulation, exercise, and social interaction they need to feel their very best.

Daily Exercise

Although you may walk your dog when they come home from work, they continue to benefit from many hours of exercise throughout the day. When dogs get the chance to move around on a regular basis, they flourish in more ways than one. Their physical strength and dexterity are improved while their overall countenance is much more balanced. Dogs with access to fresh air and outside environments are happier and more equipped to deal with potentially stressful situations. A dog sitter can provide the regular exercise your pet needs.

Social Interaction

In addition to regular outdoor exercise, your dog sitter will pet your dog and play with them. This stimulation is just what your dog needs when you are away for long hours. They can form bonds with their caregiver that are immensely beneficial especially if they are young and haven’t reached adulthood yet. Just like children, dogs can benefit from encouragement and stimulation in the form of social interaction with a dog sitter.

Regular Meals

When you leave early in the morning, your dog can eat breakfast however they have to wait several hours for their next meal. When you are at the office late, this can mean that they have to go even longer without lunch or a midday meal. This can be a difficult situation for your dog and can result in them having difficulty. Instead of letting them go for long periods without meals, a dog sitter can provide a convenient solution. They can feed your dog in the middle of the day when they need the most sustenance.

Hiring one of the local dog sitters for your dog when you need to be away can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your dog is being well attended to.

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