To Tell, or Not to Tell? The Question of Hair Extensions

Many women wake up in the morning and spend anywhere between 5 minutes and 1 hour putting on makeup, tanning creams, maybe a push up bra and a pair of high heels. All these additions most women would happily admit to, proudly even. Yet there is one piece of fakery that lots of women would never speak about, unless a close friend asked them about, and that extra secret addition is hair extensions.

Feel Good About Wearing Extensions!
These days most female beauty products are well known, both to men and women. But somehow the knowing doesn’t devalue the effect of these products. Applying makeup for example, a process which next to almost every women goes through, isn’t something that is never hidden. Hair extensions, another beauty enhancement, often is, however. Why should a woman feel ashamed to say she wears hair extensions? Aren’t hair extensions, in their own right, simply “makeup” for hair?

A couple years ago, prominent Hollywood star, Kelly Ripa removed her hair extensions on TV. Yes, this was obviously a publicity stunt to market the brand of hair extensions Kelly Ripa was wearing, but that isn’t the point? She was not ashamed to do so and while on national TV, happily removed her extensions to show the world. This sense of confidence is one that every woman should show. They shouldn’t view wearing extensions as cheating, or as a sign of faking femininity. Instead, they should be proud of what they wear and be able to say, “Yes, I wear hair extensions and I make them look good!”

Learn More About Kelly Ripa Hair Extensions
“Kelly Ripa’s Hair Extensions,” are widely known as the halo method of hair extensions, representing a feminine beauty product women can wear proudly. They give women comfort, grace and beauty while doing so. She removed them in seconds for the world to see. Next time while wearing yours, if someone asks or the subject comes up take them out, like a magic trick, and within seconds you can show off your ability to make yourself look even more beautiful, while admitting confidently you wear the same type hair extensions just like Kelly Ripa does.

Don’t be ashamed any more. Be proud, be confident and be in control. Show off your accessories like a man would his engine in his car. You have the right to not be afraid of being caught wearing your extensions, you have the right to feel confident enough to wear them and show them off. Don’t fall prey to low self-esteem. Try telling your friends today and take your first step towards a more confident future.


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