3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Eyelash Extensions in Mesa CA

Imagine waking up with thicker, fuller eyelashes without applying any mascara. Many women dream about looking great before they even make their way over to the makeup drawer in the bathroom. With the help of eyelash extension in Mesa CA, it is possible to create all kinds of natural or dramatic looks that can last for several weeks. Before taking the plunge and making an appointment, here are three questions to ask the practitioner.

What Type of Lashes are Being Used?

Not all Eyelash Extensions Costa in Mesa CA are created equally. Different materials can create different effects. Mink, for example, can create a feathery look and tends to be easier on your natural eyelashes. On the other hand, acrylic extensions create a dramatic look, as they can be cut and fitted to a client’s specifications. It’s important to know the type of eyelashes being used to understand how they will change your appearance and how they will affect the natural lashes already in place.

How Long Will They Last?

This question often goes hand in hand with the first question. Certain types of lashes tend to last longer than others. While the mink lashes look natural, they usually need more maintenance than some of the other options. Most practitioners advise clients on how to make lashes last longer to ensure they get the most out of their new lashes. For example, regular mascara use may not be the best choice because it can create a clumpy look and lead to eyelash loss quicker than expected.

How Much Will it Cost?

The type of eyelash extensions, as well as the number of extensions used, will determine the price. Some women elect to add only enough extensions to make a simple adjustment to their appearance. Others want a completely different look that leads to a lot of different extensions. It is important to ask about the initial cost for the first set of eyelash extensions and find out how much the maintenance and upkeep will be to keep eyes looking beautiful.

When choosing eyelash extensions, it is important to understand what materials are being used, how long the lashes will last, and what the cost of the first appointment, as well as regular upkeep, will be in order to make the best possible decision. For more information contact Lovely Salon & Cosmetic Center.

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