Bring Nursing Care to you with Phoenix Home Care Nursing

When you are dealing with a chronic or terminal illness in either yourself or a loved one, you may have worries, fears, and concerns about what’s going to happen to you and how you are going to feel. Using Phoenix Home Care Nursing can bring compassionate care in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about being in a hospital or nursing home during this period in your life. Home care nursing brings the medical professionals to you.

Towards the end of life of at any stage of a chronic illness, patients frequently experience debilitating pain that rules their life. They may have shortness of breath that prevents them from performing even the most simple tasks or activities of daily living. Some may deal with constipation due to medications or body systems slowing down, leading to increased pain or discomfort. Nausea is a common side effect of many medications and can make a person uncomfortable or unable to eat, leading to nutritional problems. Many feel fatigued all of the time, with no energy to enjoy the time with their family and friends. Most people have some form of anxiety, whether they are concerned about prognosis, death, or how their symptoms are making them feel.

Palliative care focuses on relieving painful symptoms associated with a chronic disease process. It can be conservative, aggressive, or curative in nature. Hospice is a type of palliative care. Hospice care is about making life comfortable throughout their remaining time. To qualify for hospice services, the patient must be considered to be terminal within six months. The goal of hospice care is not to cure, but to promote comfort. This allow the patient to enjoy the time they have left with their family while minimizing pain, side effects of medications, respiratory problems, and anxiety.

A home health service provides nursing care in your own home. They will monitor vital signs and make sure the patient isn’t in any acute distress. The nurse will administer medications appropriately, and make sure regular medications are being taken correctly. The nurse will perform an assessment on the patient. On occasion, the patient may be referred to an inpatient hospice depending on their condition and the equipment available. They will also check the safety of the patient. Phoenix Home Care Nursing can provide the comfort and security you need in an emotionally challenging time of your life. Get more information here!

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