Structural Steel in Cincinnati: Metal Cutting Technologies

Steel has become an important material in the building and construction industry. The demand for steel is increasing, thus the need to improve the quality of its processing. For the customer’s specific needs to be met, dealers of Structural steel in Cincinnati assure that the best technologies are used even in the cutting process. Below are the major metal cutting technologies.

Oxy-fuel cutting

Oxy fuel cutting is best for cutting rusted metal. It doesn’t require much experience for one to carry out this process. The metal is easily cut by high temperatures caused by a chemical reaction between oxygen and the base metal. To start off, iron oxide is formed when a stream of oxygen under high pressure is initiated in the cutting edge. The oxygen used for this purpose is highly pure, which enhances the high oxidation of the iron. It is this reaction that creates heat that makes the molten oxide to melt away and the metal to burn and eventually cut.

Oxy Fuel Cutting is simple and does not require electricity as some cutters are manual. It is, therefore, a less expensive form of metal cutting.

Plasma arc cutting

This is a more suitable method for cutting industrial metal because non-ferrous metals can be cut using this method. Ferrous metals are also better cut compared to when Oxy Fuel Cutting is used. An electric arc cuts the metal by first removing any molten material. Very hot ionized gas at high velocity makes this process possible.

Laser beam cutting

A beam of rational light produces heat that cuts the metal. A gas at a high pressure makes the cutting more efficient as it helps carry away volatilized and melted materials from the beam’s path.

The quality of cutting produced from Laser beam cutting is very good. The kerfs is much narrower compared to the above methods and the metal shape remains intact and is not distorted. The results are also attained faster compared to other technologies. Though expensive compared to plasma arc cutting and oxy fuel cutting, it is a sure way of attaining lovable results.

Those are the cutting technologies used on structural steel in Cincinnati.

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