Why Some People Prefer A Remanufactured Transmission

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Automotive

13227617_l-150x150When it comes to having to replace your transmission you will have three or four choices to consider. They include a new transmission, a rebuilt, a used or a remanufactured transmission. In reality and unless you have an import, you will not have the new transmission option as they simply aren’t available even from the parts and service department at the dealership.

So, for most vehicles, that narrows down your options to a used, rebuilt or remanufactured transmission. All can have good or bad points to consider, but understanding the differences can help you make an informed decision.

Used Transmission
Typically if you are going through a transmission specialists or using a mechanic you won’t find a recommendation for a used transmission on their list. A used transmission is typically out of a vehicle that has been scrapped or written off and literally involves pulling the transmission and simply replacing the non-working transmission on your vehicle.

This option can be very low cost but there is no guarantee that the used transmission will fit your vehicle correctly or that it will even work. It is really a buyer beware type of option that may end up leaving you stranded and needing to consider your next two options anyway.

A Rebuilt Transmission
A rebuilt transmission is actually repairing and upgrading your existing transmission. It is a similar process to a remanufactured transmission but usually done in-house and replacing only those parts that require replacing. Top shops will upgrade to new specs but others may not.

A Remanufactured Transmission
Like a rebuilt transmission a remanufactured transmission will be taken apart, cleaned, inspected and repaired. However, as this is done in special shop that only remanufactures transmissions, other checks and services may be performed. Typically all parts will be machined before replacing, which means that small areas of wear are corrected which may lead to a longer overall life of the remanufactured over the rebuilt transmission.

The other major difference between the rebuilt and the remanufactured transmission is the warranty that is offered. Some specialized transmission shops offer great warranties on their rebuilt transmissions as well, so always ask and compare before using this as your sole deciding factor. Whether you need a rebuilt or a remanufactured transmission we can help. To learn more about us go to Trannyman.net.

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