Keep your Employees Healthy with Physicals in Chapmanville WV

If you’ve been hired into a new job, you will likely have to undergo a pre-employment physical. Physicals in Chapmanville WV are done by a doctor after you have been offered the job and signed your paperwork, but before work has actually started. The physical focuses on information that is pertinent to the job. Your information is stored in a sealed record, and your employer will only know that you have passed the physical, or need reasonable accommodations. You cannot lose a job based on the results of the physical because of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Physicals in Chapmanville WV are typically done after an employee is hired. It allows employers to identify potential barriers to performing the job. Once barriers are identified, reasonable accommodations can be made. If necessary, work placement may differ slightly from the original offer. The vast majority of people clear the employment physical with no problems. The exam typically starts with a personal history. The examiner will want to know your medical and occupational histories. They’ll want to know any injuries you’ve had or chronic illnesses. The doctor will do a basic exam including listening to your heart and lungs, checking your neurological status, and checking for musculoskeletal problems. In some industries, blood work will be done. Baseline studies in case you are working with hazardous materials.

Urine drug screens are typically done before any job is started. An employer may request drug screening and Breath Alcohol Testing if you are involved in an on the job accident, they have reasonable suspicion, or if your employer participates in random drug screens. Drug screens are done to protect both you and the employer. Initial drug screens make sure that you are not abusing illicit substances that could affect your performance. If there is an accident, they need proof that you were not impaired at the time.

Specialized clinics frequently serve the needs of companies to help move their employees through health screening processes faster. Physicals in Chapmanville WV help determine that you will be safe on the job and gives your employer peace of mind that you are physically able to perform the tasks asked of you. This helps ensure a smooth transition into the new job, and success for many years to come. For more information, Visit: Physical Exams Inc.