Stop Foreclosures in Indianapolis

It’s a sad fact that in Indiana, 1 in every 2,596 houses ends up in foreclosure. The top five counties for foreclosure are Wells, Starke, Lake, Huntington, and Porter, but the rate in Marion County, which is home to Indianapolis, is nothing to sneeze at either. The number of foreclosures in Indianapolis itself is higher than the state average: 1 in every 2,186 Indianapolis homes eventually experience foreclosure.

In December 2018 alone, over two hundred houses in Indianapolis were foreclosed upon. But you don’t have to fall victim to losing your home with nothing to show for it. You can stop foreclosure Indianapolis by selling your house before that happens. Instead of being left at the mercy of your bank, you will have more money in your pocket.

Indianapolis home values have increased 14.4% over the past year, and housing websites such as Zillow predict they will continue to rise over the next year. Given these ever increasing home prices, it is possible for anyone to get in over his or her head in today’s housing market. You may find yourself struggling to make your mortgage payments, which could put your house at risk of foreclosure.

Because the bank uses your home as collateral, it may force your home’s sale to recover the balance of your outstanding loan. If you have found yourself with your financial back against the wall, so to speak, and you need to stop foreclosure Indianapolis, Simple Quarters can help. We will buy any house in any condition, and we will buy it quickly.

It’s easy to get tied up with agents, fees, and commissions, but you can avoid all of that. At Simple Quarters, we make it possible to sell your home fast with absolutely no fees or commissions, so you can stop foreclosure Indianapolis.

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