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You don’t have to become the next Mozart to benefit from the advantages of learning to play the piano. While learning to play the piano is a great hobby that can stimulate your creative muscles in positive ways, scientists have begun to identify some substantive and essential health benefits that come from tickling the ivories. If you’re looking for an excuse to track down a music store near me, here are four.

1. It Encourages Multitasking

Playing the piano can be overwhelming at first because it requires that both of your hands act independently of one another to create music. Additionally, you have to train your brain to read the notes on the page and translate them for your hands. This level of ambidexterity isn’t a component of most musical instruments, and that’s what makes playing piano a uniquely valuable skill. The result is both a stronger sense of concentration and more sophisticated hand-eye coordination.

2. It Can Help Develop Linguistic Skills

Language is about more than just memorizing vocabulary words. Each language has its sense of tonal patterns and cadence, and recognizing these patterns is just as crucial to learning a foreign language as knowing what a word means. Learning piano can help develop the acuity of your ear and also make it easier to drown out surrounding noises which can prove a great benefit when learning a language.

3. It Can Teach Humility

The piano is not an easy instrument to learn, and anyone who wants to succeed will come to understand that they’ll have to stumble multiple times before they can stand on their own two feet. Playing piano, especially under the supervision of a skilled instructor, provides students with the ability to absorb constructive criticism and channel it towards positive growth.

4. It Can Alleviate Stress

Engaging in a piano lesson requires an intense level of concentration, and that provides students with an environment where they can forget the daily anxieties of their life and focus solely on the task at hand. People who play piano regularly have demonstrated lower levels of stress genes, and those in the health and fitness industry have begun to recognize piano playing as a valuable therapeutic tool.

If you’ve ever considered picking up the piano, now could be the time. Go ahead and search for “music store near me” to find a professional who can help you understand the benefits more thoroughly.

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