Options In Delavan Spray Nozzles

In many different types of industries and applications, having the ability to provide a uniform spray and consistent volume of water or liquid is always important. One of the leaders in the manufacturing of spray nozzles is Delavan, manufacturing quality nozzles for oil heating, spray drying, atomizing applications and a range of other uses for industrial applications as well as for sanitary processes.

There are several options in Delavan spray nozzles to consider. Ideally, taking the time to look closely at what is needed in the specific application is the first step. The spray nozzles from this company are known to have a very long life cycle, and several have unique features that make them extremely low maintenance nozzles for any application.


For many applications, the swirl chamber in the Delavan spray nozzles is the ideal configuration. This allows the fluid moving through the nozzle body to swirl or spiral, maintaining the pressure for a more even distribution out of the nozzle. This high pressure and the swirling motion acts to continually clean both the body of the nozzle as well as the nozzle end, reducing the need to clean or to replace these nozzles as frequently as other designs and options.

Flat Spray Nozzles

In many types of industrial and processing applications, the flat spray nozzle is the best option. These deliver a consistent flat fan type of shape, which is ideal when there is a need for precision application of the liquid over a surface area.

Cone Spray Nozzles

There are also a full line of Delavan spray nozzles designed to create a cone shape. A full cone creates a wide base of spray that is typically oval or round in shape, but it can also be square based on the nozzle design.

The interior of the cone can be completely filled with the spray. A hollow cone nozzle creates a heavier spray of the outline of a circle or an oval with no spray in the middle.

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