Seattle Storage Facilities Questions to Consider

So, you’re moving or relocating and you need to store your possessions. Here’s how to do the proper research and choose a reputable company:

Preliminary Research
Do your research online and ask friends, coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances and everyone else you can think of for recommendations. After you’ve done the preliminary research and have chosen on a few storage companies, arrange for a tour. If it is impossible to arrange a visit, conduct an in-depth interview over the phone and ask for photos of the facilities. Tip: the way you are treated during the conversation is a good indication of the company’s professionalism.

Well-maintained, Clean Facility
This goes without saying, but you will be surprised how many facilities are poorly maintained and not well-cared for. Can you imagine how such facilities will treat your belongings? The general condition of the storage facility’s main office should give you an idea about the overall cleanliness and state of the place. Is the office clean and dusted? Are the bathrooms spotless?

Of course, when it comes to storing your belongings, security is paramount. A secure facility should have a gate with electronic access, security cameras and good lighting. Reputable companies will also screen potential tenants, eliminating dubious characters and break-ins. A good storage unit is going to be protected by 24-hour security camera surveillance and alarms.

Pest Control
A good company will have scheduled regular visits from a pest control partner. You don’t want roaches, rodents and other nasty critters damaging your property. Good Seattle storage facilities will take precautions to make sure that never happens.

The cost of renting a storage unit depends on size, storage duration, and any special requirements. Shop around for special deals and discounts – you’ll find fewer of those during busy periods. When you consider price, make sure that you get a complete breakdown of all applicable costs; and be mindful of “hidden” charges. These typically include: monthly deposit, lock and key charge, and electricity usage. Some Seattle storage facilities require a deposit. So, when you are comparing prices between, be sure to ask how much the deposit is, and what the terms are for getting it back after moving out.

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