Dental Implants and Teeth Whitening in Piscataway Improve Smiles

Everyone wants a set of healthy and pain-free teeth. Once people can speak and eat easily, they then start to think about having a beautiful smile. Often the first thing they think about getting fixed are gaps in their smile caused by missing teeth. They may also worry about yellow and dingy teeth. Professionals at Piscataway Family dental can easily fix both these problems. In just a few months, the patient will have a smile that they are proud to show off. An in-office Teeth Whitening in Piscataway procedure takes an about an hour. Dental Implants can be inserted in one office visit. It then takes six to eight weeks for the jaw to heal.

Dental patients can decide if they want the dentist to perform an in-office Teeth Whitening in Piscataway treatment or if they prefer an at-home tray system. People who don’t like long office visits may prefer using trays at home. These are more effective than the trays that people by in drugstores. The dentist takes an impression of their upper and lower jaws and has custom trays made. The custom-made trays accommodate crooked and crowded teeth and ensure that the bleaching gel can reach all areas of the teeth. Usually the patient has to wear them for 30 minutes each day for about two weeks. This results in teeth that are six shades whiter.

Some patients want faster results and don’t want to bother with trays. In just 90 minutes the dentist can make their teeth eight to ten shades whiter. He begins the Teeth Whitening in Piscataway treatment by thoroughly cleaning the teeth. He then applies the bleaching gel and activates it with a very safe laser. After 15 minutes the dentist wipes away the gel. If needed he repeats the process two or three more times.

People with dingy teeth sometimes fear that teeth whitening treatments may damage their enamel. Bleaching gels often contain substances to strengthen the enamel. That’s because stronger enamel resists stains more effectively. If a person has sensitive teeth, the dentist can reduce the amount of chemicals. Often brushing with a toothpaste for sensitive teeth for a few days before the procedure is all that is needed. Once they see their whiter teeth, they are happy they opted to have the procedure.

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