Save Time and Money with Custom Extrusions

Although aluminum tends to be light weight when it comes in thin sheets, the weight can multiply quickly when more volume is added to it. When the weight of aluminum is reduced by cutting it to fit exactly, it can shave off some of the expense. It also makes it easier to install since the cut is precise and has been expertly provided to fit. In order to get these types of services, you need to contact aluminum extrusion suppliers.

An Inexpensive Solution

When you choose to use a custom extrusion, you are essentially putting money back into your business. A die charge for a custom extrusion is inexpensive. There is no better way to cut costs and get the aluminum pieces you need that are produced to fit nearly any dimension. There are no quantity requirements when you order custom extrusions from professional suppliers that know how to meet the demand. Essentially, there is no shape that is too difficult to produce. It is always a good idea to inquire about custom shapes before you consider that it cannot be accomplished.

The Hard Working Extrusion Saw

In order for an extrusion supplier to be able to produce quality work, they must have the tools to complete the job. An extrusion saw is able to cut through material in thicknesses from 8.00” to .063”. The tolerance can be cut as close as +/- .005; this is for both width and length. The surface finished that is achieved is 32 RMS.  The exact square cut is dependent on a combination of things, the length of material and the straightness of mill product.

Quality Aluminum Extrusions Come from Professional Suppliers

As a business you need to be sure that you are receiving products that are of the highest quality. Where aluminum is concerned, you need supplies that are a cut above the rest that fit exactly where you need them to fit. Aluminum suppliers that have been in the business for decades are proven companies that continue to provide superior services. No order should be considered too difficult. It is advisable to communicate with the supplier and find out how they would handle your order, and inquire about specific cuts you need to fulfill your order. When you work with the professionals, you can enjoy customer service that keeps you as their core value.

Howard Precision Metals Inc. is one of the best aluminum extrusion suppliers in the Midwest. When you need quality service for precise aluminum cuts, contact them today to learn more about their services.

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