Cookie for Cancer Fundraising Idea

There are all kinds of fundraisers held in order to support a certain cause or event. One such cause is for raising awareness for cancer. Many places of business have joined in on raising awareness for breast cancer by offering a pink option in the things they sell. A portion of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. Any group or team can further help this cause by using cookies for their fundraiser. This Cookie for Cancer Fundraising Idea will be a huge hit.

The Pink Cookie Otis Spunkmeyer, a fundraising company, has come up with the Pink Cookie. This is a dark chocolate cookie filled with pink candies. This cookie has been created for the purpose of supporting the breast cancer foundation. By selling these cookies, a group would be earning money not only for their cause, but for the cure for breast cancer as well.

Ways to Sell There are two ways that a group can decide to go about selling the Pink Cookie. They can either choose to sell all of the items in the catalog, or they can order only Pink Cookies to sell. If they sell all items, it gives them an opportunity to earn money for their own cause as well as money for the Cure. People will have the option to choose whatever types of cookies they want. Schools, churches, and other organizations would do well with this option. If there is a group specifically for supporting breast cancer, such as a cancer support group, then they would do well with only selling the Pink Cookie.

No matter what the reason is for the group wanting to sell these cookies, the Cookie for Cancer Fundraising Idea would be a big benefit to both their group and cancer research. By choosing to sell these cookies, the group could bring in a lot of money to go the breast cancer foundation. It would greatly help many women out there who have been affected by breast cancer in their lives. Those selling these cookies would have a good chance of earning the money they need, as nearly everyone has been directly affected by cancer at some point in their lives, either through themselves or people they know. There would be a lot of people who would purchase these cookies to show their support of the cause.

Cookie dough fundraisers are a powerful tool to help your group raise large amounts of money. Whether you need new uniforms for cheer and football teams, you are raising money for a class trip, or your church needs to meet a budget shortfall, find out how a cookie dough fundraiser can help.

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