Abayas For All Seasons

The times are long gone when abayas appeared dull. They remain traditional in their emphasis on modesty, but beyond this factor, abayas for women have taken a great leap forward into the fashion world. Today, abayas for women are stylish. They no longer exemplify the concept of “One abaya fits or suits all.” Instead, a woman now possesses more than one abaya. She has several to reflect her taste and for different occasions. Truly, women now have an abaya for all seasons.

Seasonal Wear
When it comes to abayas for women, fashion designers have stepped up. Arabic, North American and fashion houses – both new and haute couture designers have now declared a proprietary interest in the abaya and other eastern female clothing. It is not simply a matter of adopting the designs. They have now created or responded to a need for seasonal wear.

Seasonal wear applies to apparel an individual wears for a specific type of weather or activity. Swim suits, for example are seasonal clothing. Seasonal wear also indicates the turning of the year. It applies to the passing of time – the division of the year into four potential seasons with each demanding their own style of clothing.

Abayas for Women: Fabrics, Colors and Designs
Weather changes as the seasons pass from one to the other. Part of the fashion season recognizes this. In response, they create clothing designed to handle the weather. They also create outfits meant to reflect the particular season.

The creators of Abaya for Muslim Women do fall into this pattern. They design clothing meant to handle the weather of the period. The material may be heavier for winter and much lighter for summer. Knits for winter are replaced by cotton abayas and jilbabs for the summer line. Fall and spring fall somewhere in between with a wide range of materials selected to help wearers make the most of the weather.

The clothing also reflects current seasonal design trends. The colors selected may turn to pastels for spring. The clothing may feature vibrant colors in the summer and heavier and darker shades for winter. Fall may be a blast of color. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, the predominant color chosen by fashion designers will be a specific shade or hue.

These changes in fashion, this catering to a whirl of the seasons all are reflected in the fabric and design of abayas for women. In the world of fashion, abayas are now truly clothing for all seasons.Save

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