The Purity of the Acai Berry Products

The acai berry grows in the Amazon so there are not many occasions when you can eat the berry fresh. Normally, they are freeze dried. Later the freeze-dried berries are put in extract mixtures and in capsules or powders of some kind.

It is important to know how the acai berries are processed and preserved because by certain methods, the antioxidants that are so powerful in these berries are stripped so the benefits are not so extensive. Whichever of the acai berry products you are purchasing, find out how that company processes and preserves the berries.

The various products that are available to purchase are acai berry dried, powders, capsule forms and juices.

Organic Ingredients

Organic is the best. If the acai berry products are non-organic, the consumer could be exposed to many types of chemicals. If the company is legitimate, they will provide a certificate to prove the authenticity of their product.

Processing Time

For best results, the acai berry should be processed within 24 hours. It is not a simple job to transport the Crown Jewel of the Amazon across continents because the berry starts losing its potency within 24 hours of being picked.

Processing Method

During the actual production of the acai berry products, it is important for the berries not be overheated during the pasteurization process. All it needs is a flash-pasteurization so the enzymes are not damaged and it receives the FDA approval rating.

No Additives or Fillers

For the best potency of the berries used for the acai berry products, there should be no additives, sugars or artificial sweeteners used. The additives diminish the potency of the berry itself so it must be produced with pure product.

Some production companies want to stretch the usage they can get from the dried acai berry. But the consumer wants the pure acai berry products with no soy, maltodextrin or other type of pulp that is not listed on the label.

Forms of the Product

The acai berry product can be purchased in capsules or drinks as you will find with all the other drinks in the grocery store. Note its strength, however, because there are companies that use only a small portion of the acai berry juice and dilute it with other juices. There are colon cleanse products that have been used quite successfully as well. Always read the ingredient label to make sure it is as pure as it can be.

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