Personal Injury Attorney in Terre Haute IN for Dog Bite

Some places have a leash law that mandates a dog owner to leave their dog on a leash at all times. Unfortunately, not every place has this law. Some people don’t even follow the law, putting others in danger.

What to Do

If you were attacked or bit by a dog, you have every right to try and sue the owner. For example, say you were going for your afternoon walk down a route you take every day. One day you noticed a dog that came charging at you. You couldn’t get away in time and you suffered from at least one bite. Some people would just run away in fear after the fact. However, if you notice the owner come outside after hearing you scream, you should request to see the papers for a rabies vaccine.

Getting the Law Involved

Nobody should suffer in silence. Some people may just think it’s only a dog bite and you can move on. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone. A dog bite and attack can be traumatic. It can ruin your chances of ever feeling comfortable around a dog again. You are entitled to compensation, and you should seek out a Personal Injury Attorney in Terre Haute IN.

The Process

The attorney will want to be sure you took the right precaution and went to the hospital. You will need those records for your court case. You need all of the proof you can get. Your attorney may even suggest taking a picture of the bite to show how bad it was. Even if the owner of the dog tries to make amends with you and tried to guilt trip you into not proceeding with the case, you should anyways. You are the victim and you deserve a piece of mind. You will get a case together with your attorney and then present it in court. More than likely, the judge and jury are going to grant the case in your favor and you will receive compensation. You will also receive funds for the hospital bill.

Having a Personal Injury Attorney in Terre Haute IN is essential if you are looking to bring your case to court. As soon as you get bit or attacked, seek hospital treatment. When you are taken care of there, you can contact McGlone Law to see what your next step will be.


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